The World Championship of Beer Sommeliers is organized every two years by the Doemens Academy. The best of the over 7000 trained beer sommeliers of the world compete in a three-round contest. In a knockout competition, the best participants then present a selected beer in the semi-final and have to prevail in direct comparison against each other.

World Cup 2022

On September 11th, 2022, the champion will be sought for the seventh time from the ranks of the more than 7,000 beer sommeliers trained worldwide by Doemens and its partners, this time in the halls of Messe München on the eve of drinktec.

81 experts of 18 diverse nationalities (e.g. Brazil, Canada, South Corea, Italy, Switzerland, Austria) have been invited to participate and to demonstrate their skills and knowledge for the judges.

In the preliminary round, both theoretical knowledge about beer and sensory skills in recognizing beer styles and beer flavors are required. The participants who qualify for the finals will compete in front of a top-class jury made up of prominent personalities from the beer sommelier scene. Each finalist must convince the expert jury with their knowledge of all beer-related topics as well as their presentation skills.

The final on September 11th, 2022, starting at 3 p.m. at the Munich Exhibition Center (Conference Center North, Room C 62, first floor) is open to the public!

The final will be streamed live on the Doemens Facebook channel from 3.00 pm!

World Cup and competitors on Social Media:

Facebook: World Cup Beersommeliers / #worldcupbeersommeliers2022

Facebook: World Cup Beersommeliers: Team Germany
Instagram: National Beer Sommelier Team Germany
Facebook: Bierland Österreich / #teambierlandösterreich
Instagram: Bierland Österreich / #teambierlandösterreich
Facebook: Schweizer Bier
Instagram: Schweizer Bier

The previous locations and world champions are:

2019: World Cup in Italy (Rimini)
Elisa Raus, Germany (Officiating World Champion)
2017: World Cup in Germany (Munich)
Stephan Hilbrandt, Germany
2015: World Cup in Brasil (São Paulo)
Simonmattia Riva, Italy
2013: World Cup in Germany (Munich)
Oliver Wesseloh, Germany
2011: World Cup in Austria (Salzburg)
Sebastian Priller, Germany
2009: World Cup in Germany (Sonthofen)
Karl Schiffner, Austria

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