The Association of Certified Beer Sommeliers is divided into districts. These are regions where beer sommeliers can be found, with a section management as organizer and contact person. Regular section meetings are offered to which beer sommeliers from all over the world are invited.

The district meetings offer the possibility ...
... to exchange experiences and create networks between beer sommeliers
... to get a direct "backstage" insight into the beer region
... to witness the development of the beer scene in the region
... for further training through organized tastings, lectures, flavor and beer style trainings, events, guided tours and much more!


Which district do I belong to?
The district distribution is roughly according to the federal states, a precise overview can be found HERE. But the borders blur and all beer sommeliers from around the globe are invited to all meetings!

Who is my contact person?
The list of responsible district officer including e-mail address can be downloaded HERE.
In case of doubt, please send an e-mail to kontakt[at]


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