Since 2019, the Association of Certified Beer Sommeliers offers other associations from the industry cooperation partnerships.

The cooperation is the networking of two associations that work for the same goals and values. Through the partnership, the associations can assist each other in achieving common goals and projects, increase their visibility and allow members access to the partner's network.

Advantages are:

  • Mutual inspiration for projects and work in everyday life
  • Increased mutual recognition by presenting the partner in all media and at all events of the association
  • The members, other partner associations and supporting members of the association get to know the partner and his activities and are thus also networked with each other
  • Take part on events of the partner and communicate directly with the members

Our partner associations:

Water Sommelier Union
The international association of all Water Sommeliers throughout the world.

Bayerischer Brauerbund e.V.
The umbrella organisation of the Bavarian brewing industry.

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