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The Association of Certified Beer Sommeliers was founded in 2005 and is based in Austria. Beer Sommeliers from around the world are members and they all share a common goal.
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Contact beer sommeliers in your area and book a beer expert for your events or professional beer tasting.
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World Cup Beer Sommeliers

The World Championship of Beer Sommeliersis organized every two years by the Doemens Academy. The best of the 7,000 beer sommeliers who have been trained worldwide compete against each other in a three-part competition.
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The training as a certified beer sommelier is currently offered on 4 continents in 15 countries with growing numbers. The graduates are entitled to become a member of the Association of Certifeied beer Sommeliers. For more information: Contact us

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Role of the Association

The Association of Certified Beer Somemliers is a central body for all beer sommeliers and acts as a partner for their marketing. It has the responsibility to ensure the professional development of its members and to adhere to the ethical principles of the job description.

Further Training

After completing the training, each qualified beer sommelier must continue to learn and train his sensory skills. On the one hand to develop what has been learned and on the other hand to keep his specialised knowledge up to date. The association is committed to giving members these opportunities.


If you understand beer, you have to love it! This principle is the motivation to learn and then to pass on the knowledge. In the training to become a beer sommelier, beer knowledge is imparted with passion and the sensory skills are trained.

For the love of Beer

The beer sommelier stands for diversity, tradition and innovation. What motivates the beer sommelier is the fascination and interest in the oldest cultural drink in the world. His goal is to act as a link between the manufacturer and the consumer and to convey the sensory characterisitcs of beer.

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