The education of certified beer sommeliers is patented and unique worldwide. In addition to teaching beer knowledge, internships, chores and comprehensive training materials enrich the course. The English-language training takes place at the Doemens Academy in Gräfelfing/Munich in Germany and is based on three principles:

  • Highest quality
  • Passion
  • Uniqueness

The training consists of 100 teaching units. The expertise is deepened by a high proportion of practical work. In the sensory training about 100 different beers are tasted. Successful graduates receive a certificate and a pin with the logo "doemens beer sommelier" as a visible distinguishing feature of the qualification.

The training content can be found in the curriculum.

For more information and registration to the beer sommeliers course in english language please contact:

Carina Keegan (central administration)
E-mail: keegan[at]

Fabian Staudinger (Savor Academy)
E-mail: staudinger[at]

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