After completing the training, every certified beer sommelier must continue their education and train their sensory skills. On the one hand to consolidate and develop what you have learned and on the other hand to keep your specialist knowledge up to date. The association is committed to giving members the following opportunities:

  • Expert knowledge through the specialist magazine especially for members.
  • Further training opportunities, networking, exchange and active shaping of the regional beer scene in the 15 sections of the association. The dates of the next section meetings are in the calendar.
  • Training day as part of the annual general meeting.
  • Further training opportunities through our supporting members.

Training Day of the Association

The Association of Certified Beer Sommeliers offers members the opportunity to take part in an education day as part of the annual general meeting.

Date of the next training day:
When: October 13th 2023
Where: Bolzano/South Tyrol, Italy

Institute of Masters of Beer (IMB)

The institute, founded by the renowned Doemens Academy in 2011, is the platform for well-founded further training for all beer sommeliers and those interested in beer and the common umbrella for various institutes with their respective core competencies. The institute offers a variety of seminars on the subject of beer. The seminar program is created anew every year and thus always presents new and current topics.

Contakt and informationen on the Institute of Masters of Beer: Marlene Speck
Phone: +49 (0)89 85 80 521
Mail: speck[at]

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